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We tried to write about the most interesting topics of the interior design, which may appear on the Internet.

What we think

Where am I?

FAQinDecor is a young project about architecture, design and beauty. We love to surprise and love to be surprised. We don’t want to teach, but we love to learn. We are ready to share what we cognize, and tell you how we do it. We are trying to find answer to the most difficult question "why?", but in contrast with the answer to the question "how?" we can’t use just picture, quote or infographic.

Therefore, we are trying to sort out and do it out loud. Sometimes mockingly, sometimes absurdly, sometimes funny and sometimes wisely. But always honestly.

For this we have several sections, their names speaks eloquently for themselves. In these sections you’ll find review materials about design and architecture, the texts of the analytical sense, articles with commentary of experts, all this will help you understand the complexity and classify simplicity, also news about the most interesting events in the design and architecture world. We also have a heading "Rating of designers", which is generated by your opinion.

Why FAQinDecor?

Because it is ambitious, capacious, non-standard name. The project name should reflect its essence, otherwise the ship won’t sail at the specified rate. Our friends from «Koda» agency, which has given name for our project, also knew it. FAQinDecor is not just the challenging name, primarily it is that Frequently Asked Question, which you couldn’t ask, and the answers to which we are willing to search together with you.

Why do I have to read you?

For aesthetic and intellectual satisfaction.

Our conclusions are not the ultimate truth, but an attempt to comprehend it, shifting the focus of vision and seeing familiar things under unusual angle. We will talk about our discoveries, delights and doubts here, discovering the world and sharing these discoveries with you.

I'm a designer / artist / architect, want to show my works, want to be an expert of your heading or to participate in special project.

Write us to faqindecor@gmail.com and we’ll work together with pleasure!

I love design and architecture, but I also can write and taking good pictures. I really want to cooperate with you on a voluntary basis. What do I need to do?

We are glad to see talented people who love the beauty selflessly as we do. Write us to faqindecor@gmail.com, specify the appropriate subject of the letter, attach an example of your work and a short story about yourself.

Faqindecor Контакты: Телефон:+380636949447, Электронная почта: faqindecor@gmail.com Адрес: 7, Gogol str, Kharkiv, Ukraine
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