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Elena Kudinova: Accessories in the interior Photo
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Elena Kudinova: Accessories in the interior

Accessories as litmus for individuality
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In collaboration with Elena Kudinova we continue our series of articles on how to create home of your dreams. This time we are going to talk about the accessories in the interior.


Accessories in the house are just as important as the attire of an elegant woman: they are the final touch, binding the composition together, litmus of pure taste.

The role of accessories in the creation of image house.

Any interior is a reflection of its owner, his psychotype. Some people like the big premises, removing anything small. Recall in your memory the character of Gogol's "Dead Souls" landlord Sobakevich. All extra beauty of the house was removed and what is left - pictures on the walls, depicting ancient heroes, resembling Sobakevich. There are individuals who want to hide, "curtaining" from the world, and this is the other extreme. There are savers by their nature, there are those who want to free up area, constantly throwing out unnecessary, there are fans of cleanliness and their polarity.

Therefore the choice of accessories for a house is based not only on the style of the room, but also particular sentiment.

Accessories are items that don’t have a direct functional purpose, or combining a decorative function with practical: vases, folding screens, mirrors.

Of course, plenty of accessories complicates the cleaning, which some women have a bee in bonnet. We do not have lawns and asphalt, but instead we have trampled wasteland, therefore we have a lot of dust and soot in our homes, and it is clear that working people can’t constantly clean it and not everyone can afford cleaning services.

It is solely domestic factors, however, this factors define the number of home accessories. But despite all of this, the accessories must necessarily be in the house.

Functions of the accessories

The main goal of the accessories is to strengthen the impression of the interior. With small expenses and the existence of taste they, like nothing else, are able to compensate premises shortcomings, bring emotion into it. For example, you can smooth the feeling of a small space by major things, lamps or vases.

"Big in small" is vice versa method. It is not necessary to fill the already small room by "peas". Instead of a dozen cute but tiny figurines it will be competently to add a few large items. Although it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a huge vase indiscriminately. The exception is the collection, but it is a different story.


Placement rules

Precise separation of accessories into groups, depending on the function of the room, doesn’t exist. Of course, if it is not fire tongs, their place by the fireplace. Especially, there is no regulated zoning room in the modern home. Parlor is now combined with a guest area, a dining area can be a part of the living room or a kitchen etc.

Placement rules of accessories are also essentially absent. It is more intuitive. The basic rule of choosing "decorations for the house" is not to diminish! Very detailed objects are more difficult to place in the interior, because they have additional requirements for any pattern. Principles of formation and classical styles were established for centuries. Of course, all rules can be broken, but it must be done wisely.

Unfortunately, our market is just beginning to fill with accessories. We don’t have flea markets of full value, because all the old original interesting things burned in wars and revolutions. Today, a lot of factories produce accessories, but mostly it is duplication and imitation, even in materials. So now we have a lot of plastic imitation of the old bronze, repetition work of Chinese porcelain in the worst sense of the word.

     Although, now Ukrainian manufacturers with cool products are began to appear on the Ukrainian market. Search! Hunt!

How to choose right?

     All the "right" furniture companies usually have their own line of accessories, professional designers are working on their selection and creation. You have another option if you are not completely sure in your taste: visit good salon, where furniture and accessories are in one place. Well designed, they can immediately show you how accessories, furniture and textiles are combined with each other.

Another way allowing you not to miscalculate with a choice of accessories for the House is to trust well-tried brands. You can look for accessories of the same designers who create the furniture. In most cases, the things of one designer will be organically "cohabit" in a room.

With a sufficient amount of taste, time and lack of laziness it is possible to take a picture with image of the accessory that you like and "try" it on the interior.

But keep in mind that everything seems smaller in the interior than in the image. And the vase, that looks good in the catalogue, is likely to be too small for your sideboard.

Selection of accessories is a creative and extremely fascinating process, which capable to "reveal" you and your house. Most important is to choose by your heart and not to be afraid to miss. It's just an accessory!

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