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Wooden island of calm in the Carpathians Photo

Wooden island of calm in the Carpathians

Log-house in all its glory
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Wooden houses are always associated with a homey feel, comfort pastime and warmth, therefore they certainly cause sympathy. Today we are going to talk about the wonderful chalet on the northern slope of the Ukrainian Carpathians

For two years talented designer Anastasia Ordenans working on the "face" of the chalet, which is located in the Tatarov village: it was necessary to make modern housing from the existing wooden box, not forgetting to leave the place for the elements of art.

Two living rooms, two bedrooms (for owners and guests), kitchen, dining room, bathroom and "relax area" are settled on three floors of the Carpathian log-house.

Ukrainian designer managed to combine antiques and works of the modern art style in the interior design.

Pastel colors are dominated in both bedrooms, the accents are created by means of bright textiles. Works of art are present in every room - pictures make the space expressive and dynamic.

The presence of a small spa area is a "schtick" of the house.

Уголок для любителей помедитировать над книжкой

Гостиная и столовая зона

Приятная цветовая гамма

Особое освещение

Нежность в деталях

Здесь нет места суете и негативным мыслям

Сложно пройти мимо этих предметов искусства…

photo: Andrey Avdeenko

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