House in the woods near Kharkov Photo

House in the woods near Kharkov

Simple geometry in harmony with nature
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This two-storey house is situated in a clearing among the oak forest. The main task, which was set for architects, was the maximum integration in the environment. The project was completed by experts from Drozdov & Partners architectural studio.

Planning of the house is designed in a way to provide maximum interaction with nature.

A distinctive feature of the architecture of the house is a peristyle (courtyard with columns). Peristyle connects and pulls together a variety of functional areas.

During the summer, the courtyard is also used as an area for communication and relaxation.

The house consists of three main blocks: home parking lot, gym and living space.

В окружении дубов и кленов

Взаимодействие с окружающей средой

Внутренний дворик

Лаунж-зона на лето

Связующее звено в текстильном оформлении

Гостиная и перистиль

Выход на террасу

Домашняя акватория

Лестница на второй этаж

Зона отдыха

Колыбель природы

Обивка из панелей+мягкая подсветка=оригинальная гардеробная

Потрясающая беседка

Фото: Андрей Авдеенко

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