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«The house in the Wright's style» near Kiev Photo

«The house in the Wright's style» near Kiev

Country cottage in the vicinity of the capital
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Prairie House project are developed and implemented by architectural studio Yunakov Architecture & Design. The name is not accidental, because the client wanted to create a house in style of "prairie houses" by famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The style of the American architect (lot of designers tried to follow his style) is distinguished by dominance of contours and flat roofs, removal of the roof slopes outside the house (which visually makes the house lower), as well as the existence of indoor terraces (which are "stretched" building horizontally). In the rhythm, which is set by geometrical proportions, we can also trace the influence of Japanese architecture.

As a result, even a big house doesn’t look bulky and shape of the building is perfectly combined with the natural landscape.

Фото: Oleg Stelmakh

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