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An etude in white: laconic interior by Yuriy Zimenko Photo

An etude in white: laconic interior by Yuriy Zimenko

About the perfect combination of parts and whole
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White color, which has gained popularity due to the Scandinavian style, is on the top now, therefore, designers have to disclose all its edges.

Client clearly defined colors and character of his house: a minimalistic interior in moderate tones with accentual spots.

The project can be called simple: on the one hand, precise wishes of the client, on the other hand artistic freedom. Yuri Zimenko completely changed the layout of the apartment. As the result we have a classic: two bedrooms, a bathroom and a trio - kitchen, dining room and living room in one open space.

The main task and complexity was to create the accents right. Colored details shouldn’t attract all the attention in the laconic and monochrome space.

photo: Андрей Авдеенко

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