French retro: apartments in Paris Photo

French retro: apartments in Paris

A soft interior is in a brutal apartment
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Open planning characteristic first of all for industrial building, and a modern slightly bohemian interior is a project of house from the French designers of Studio 10surdix.

All space is obvolute neutral light tints. From loft here quite a bit is the brick wall painted in white, concrete structural columns and concrete wall, with the colors drawn by hand in a living room. Nevertheless these details create surprizing industrial accents that give this interior individuality. To create necessary retro-style and slightly bohemian kind designers gave preference furniture of the last century. The buffet of Essential Home's Monocles and chandelier of DelightFull's Clark Chandelier in combination with the mirror of wrong form is created staggering combination. A kitchen was projected on sketches 10surdix. Metallic facades and rounded lines create original combination with the white asceticism suspended closets. For a bathroom designers chose simple, but chic style, that does a room more comfortable and attractive. ■

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