Bachelor energy of the apartment in Lvov Photo

Bachelor energy of the apartment in Lvov

Life is beautiful, after all
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  • Teplyy Design Photo Teplyy Design
  • Type of room Type of room: Apartment
  • Area Area: 80 sq.m.
  • Address Address: Lvov, Ukraine
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Have you ever seen a bachelor apartment? Usually it is a strict line in brutal interior, performed in dark colors. Lvov’s apartment, which we are going to show today, breaks all the stereotypes about men's interiors.

Under the direction of Yuriy Tepliy talented Ukrainian studio Teplyy Design decided to model an apartment for a young bachelor.

Designer offered to make a peculiar mix: mix elements of minimalism with bright inclusions.

A minor redevelopment "shifts" were the first step towards the realization of the idea: corridor and living room were merged together by removing partitions, kitchen and loggia were combined too.

The bedroom in this apartment is a solid clot of major mood. Multicolored multilevel lighting, chandeliers, bright textiles and  motivating "picture" on the wall will help the owner feel better.

Kitchen-dining area looks very stylish: a combination of diverse textures (gloss, brickwork, decor "under concrete"), and a bright color filling makes the space fresh and modern.

Теплые оттенки заведомо гарантируют отличное настроение

Нашелся уголок и для рабочей зоны

Буйство фактур и красок символизирует фонтанирующую энергию

Комфортный минимализм

photo: teplyydesign

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