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Plan D

Yuriy Zimenko: a scheme of construction of decoration in interior

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We continue our rubric "Plan D". This time the famous Ukrainian designer Yuriy Zimenko shares his experience, talking about which sequence you should stick in the interior construction. If you plan to start a renovation in apartment soon, then these tips will be useful.

For all time that I was going to do things that I love and dedicate myself to design, I’ve developed a scheme and sequence of interior construction. This is a personal observation and how experience has shown is the most optimal scheme for customers’ dream design; but due to lack of experience they could never embody it.

First three points are especially important as it’ll be impossible to change them in future, unlike interior items.

Definition of Style

One of the main stages of the scheme, a lot depends on it in the end. You need to communicate with the designer in order to choose the appropriate style and direction of the interior; consequently, it will help him to identify your needs and desires, what you like in a particular style. I have repeated cases in my experience when customers can’t decide which style of the interior they want. Therefore one of the main tasks for designer in this moment is to identify foreground needs and to direct the client to the desired style for him.

Selection of wood

There is not a large amount of wood in the world, and each species has a number of characteristics and features - color, texture and density. It is equally important stage in my scheme, because the future content of the interior depends on the choice of wood. Namely, the color of the floor covering will continue to dictate the color of the walls, furniture and textures. You must give your attention to this question.

Selection of stone or pottery

After color and texture of the wood (floor covering) is identified, it is necessary to deal with the stone color (tile). The choice should be based on the color of wood. Thus, we build a visual conception and the future content of the interior.

Selection of millwork and kitchen

The right choice of millwork and kitchen depends on your wishes: the future functional load and your preferences or interests of a particular factory. Millwork is also selected by color characteristics based on the selected materials, such as wood and stone. They should not contradict each other, but on the contrary, they need to be tied up into one design ensemble. The design of the kitchen itself should not contradict with the general idea of design of all future interior.

Selection of fixtures and electrics

The installation of lighting fixtures and electrics is very important factor, because they can’t be changed without harming the entire repair. How comfortable you will feel yourself during any time of the day depends on the choice of fixtures.  After all, you can create a special atmosphere or mood by the help of light scenes.

Selection of furniture, textiles and carpets

In its functionality all of the above will implement not only their direct problems, but also will unite the interior together. Nothing specific should attract attention in the interior. We must seek to overall tie and try not to sever the interior. Therefore it is necessary to have a overall link in furniture, on the curtains and carpets (if any). Bonds should be in color and texture, or textile must have echoed drawings. These moments are seemingly invisible at first sight, but eventually you start pay attention to all of these seemingly small things that please the eye.

Selection of artworks

In my opinion, the selection of artworks is one of the most interesting things. Each house or apartment always has places that are "demanding" art. Namely these things should tie and finish the general concept of the interior design. In the selection of interior objects I develop my understanding of art, as well as the client. The most important that you will like it at first sight and it will inspire you in the future.

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