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Garden apartment in Kharkov Photo

Garden apartment in Kharkov

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  • Tubus bureau Photo Tubus bureau
  • Type of room Type of room: Apartment
  • Area Area: 100 sq.m.
  • Address Address: Ukraine, Kharkov
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One of the most successful combinations of design in the world is when the client knows what he wants, and the designer who loves his work. That is exactly what happened in the new project by Kharkov’ studio Tubus bureau headed by Elena Zabelina.

The apartment in the new building represented a cast-concrete frame without unnecessary partitions. It was needed to be fit everything on the area of 100 square meters: living room, kitchen, bedroom, guest room (which can be easily remade into a children's), two bathrooms and laundry.

Interior is made with minimum expressive and maximum laconic details. The main emphasis is inbuilt furniture which leaves plenty of free space. White walls are perfectly combined with light wood, and panoramic French windows blur any boundaries between the outside world and the atmosphere inside.

Designer filled apartment with greenery. The result is an interesting "landscape" interior.

photo: Ivan Avdeenko

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