The apartment in Kiev: a modest budget - a chic result Photo

The apartment in Kiev: a modest budget - a chic result

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The credo of the studio design "Neevroremont", headed by Maya Baklan, is "Beautiful and functional design for everyone". Sometimes it is hard to find good and qualitative options on how budgetary and tastefully arrange the housing.

Maya Baklan developed the concept and planning of a small apartment for rent in Kiev. Important note is that the amount that was spent on repairs is only 28 thousand dollars.

A small area of the apartment has prompted an open layout with allocation of separate bedroom.

White is the dominant color in the interior. Vivid details are perfectly allocated on its background: Transcarpathia handmade carpet, contrasting furniture, illustration of goose on one of the walls and a selection of pictures from the books of the nineteenth century.

The restored items, which were found at flea markets or fairs, give a peculiar guise to the apartment.

Здесь царит дух жизнерадостности

Здесь есть и ностальгический мотив

Все вещи на своих местах

Обилие света словно создает дополнительные метры

Несмотря на открытую планировку чувствуется домашняя атмосфера

У некоторых вещей своя длинная история

photo: Andrey Bezuglov

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