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My Story: Sergei Makhno

The story of how
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This person is the founder of the architectural studio and gallery of industrial design. His works can be seen in the world's best design and architecture magazines. Ukrainian designer Sergey Makhno told FAQinDecor from which point his art addiction started, work style of workshop Sergey Makhno Architects and how to become a real professional in one’s field.

I am lucky man. I don’t like football, I don’t like hunting or fishing. In theory, everything that I like is absolutely not man's hobbies. I like museums, to paint flowers and collect the floral compositions. But most of all I love to travel. Architecture is big part of my life. Initially, it wasn’t fully conscious choice, but I was absolutely sure that I will be able to associate my life with it.

It has been almost 15 years since I have been doing what I love. Also, I have a big company under my control now. I am succeeded because I give all of me to it with great pleasure and trembling heart.

There are people who know from the beginning that the architecture is their vocation. It was a little bit different for me. When I graduated from the university I didn’t understand what I am to do in the future. At the beginning I wanted to draw pictures, then design the cars and make caste design. Besides all this I also made tattoos. Everything depended on my emotions. However, in 2003 I was the winner of furniture design competition. It happened just at the time when I wanted to create a lot: from furniture to airplanes, but the furniture still prevailed. Despite the fact that a lot of water passed under the bridge, I still love it.

Architecture can’t exist without design and objects. If you combine them properly, you’ll get a coziness, comfort, warmth and true love.

My story starts in 1997. I was a schoolboy and got excited about graffiti. At that time, such words as "writer", "graffiti artist" were very popular as well as children who painted on the street far and near. I was seriously interested. It is logical that this hobby soon turned into the first big projects. Why? Because it was very cool to create a picture under the bridge, which was the size of three and a half meters! But this was not the limit, because later I had more work to do. It was something incredible!

Then, in 1999, we designed a basketball tournament Adidas Streetball Challenge. Streetball, graffiti and hip-hop were the part of "street art" which was gaining popularity and becoming more and more known. The same happened in my life, but other than that I had commercials and magazine "Extreme". In the end, I was involved in the big game.

Later I transferred my work from the street into the building. We began to paint the interiors of shops and fitness clubs. But the biggest orders were from computer clubs because they were very trendy. Each tried to decorate it better than others, so a big graffiti on all of the walls was a pretty good solution. Then I realized that the interiors are more interesting for me than anything else. But interiors coexist with architecture. So I joined the faculty of architecture.

Herewith, in 1999, I clearly understood that I want to own a company in the future. And four years later it happened. In 2003 I officially opened my first company that up to this day exists as SPD Sergey Makhno. From that moment I became the official "single tax payer."

My first attempts to open the gallery were made in 2010. All started with a showroom, which introduced works of art from all of the world. It was the positive and negative experiences at the same time because we have been working at a loss for a year. So I was forced to close my first project MDECOR. Nevertheless, this experience gave me the opportunity to understand what is needed to be done to implement a truly successful project. All of this helped me to create Sergey Makhno Gallery.

Дом в котором живёт Сергей Махно

Nowadays, the workshop Makhno is successful project. But the gallery needs more time to be successful as the workshop. Then half of the world will publish about us. Gallery is certainly worth attention. Moreover, we are definitely a precedent for Ukrainian market, because we are the only design gallery in our country. But it’s too early to speak about its’ success.

My creativity and business are like brother and sister. They love each other, but they are so different. Yet it’s one big family.

Personally, I haven’t been painting in Archicad and 3DMax for a very long time, but I still create sketches and I have a lot of moleskins. I come up with an idea then I inspire people and follow its implementation. Basically, I try to manage all processes: from the booklet, finishing with transmission of exclusive Australian wood species for our clients.

If we talk about our work style, I would name it "Makhno" style. As a matter of fact, we work in three stylistic directions: minimalism, eclecticism and contemporary. Today it is more about contemporary, since it is possible to combine two previous styles in this one. We can’t judge whether we have our own style or not. I want to believe that we dictate trends or at least partly create them. For example, I'm learning new direction, it's called the Wabi-sabi, which means "modest simplicity" in Japanese. This is one of the tasks which are truly inspiring. By the way, my future apartment will be done in this style.

Despite the fact that I have visited 41 countries, in terms of architecture and design I prefer Japan. As my friend said: "This is the place of your strength." In fact it’s true, this country inspires me. I like its’ air, architecture, interior, objects, gardens, parks, people, flowers ... In sum, everything. Therefore I have Japanese motives nearly in each of my designs. On the verge of Ukraine and Japan.

The most important thing is that the more I do, the more I get. I’m better at this when I do it from my heart. So my advice to you - design, create and produce more than you can afford. At least for 10%. I mean that if you're tired of drawing try to draw 10 more minutes, if you are tired of reading try to read it a little bit more, it's the extra "value" to your head. After all, perfection knows no bounds. Rather, it is the way to eternal perfection.

Author: Sergey Oleynik

Photo: Sergey Makhno Architects, Sergey Makhno Gallery

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