Enjoying the color: apartment by Yuri Zimenko Photo

Enjoying the color: apartment by Yuri Zimenko

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Stylish, restrained and artistic - so we saw the interior from Yuri Zimenko, where the main role is played by color. Real coloristic meditation has turned out.

Often, interiors are created based on a certain palette. Yuri Zimenko in this case went the opposite way. Each room has its own specific color, and the atmosphere in it is built on a subtle game of shades and nuances. For example, the bedroom is delighted with a noble purple.

The combination of textile textures and decor, as well as the degree of illumination in the day and night, allows you to achieve a different mood depending on the time of day. But at the same time in the personal room of the owners the atmosphere of private space always prevails.

Guest bathroom is red with an ornament in the form of an original floor. The living room and kitchen are built on a complex combination of blue and blue, as a contrast accent - golden tables. By the way, the parquet in the rooms also attracts attention - an asymmetrical Christmas tree designed by the designer.

Another bathroom is lined with blue onyx, in addition to the gentle lines of the bath and the sink, the impression of a snow-white flower on the stone is created. It is worth noting how much attention to the texture and natural pattern of materials, transformed each of the rooms, emphasizing its elegance and luxury. 

Photo: Andrey Avdeenko


No wonder they say that color can favorably affect a person. Well, when the interior is a source of inspiration and strength.

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