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Peonies and concrete: a girl's loft in Kiev Photo

Peonies and concrete: a girl's loft in Kiev

Housing with female character
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Unusual combination of concrete walls and soft textile, rough surfaces and delicate colors excellently describe an inconstancy and versatility of female nature. A hand of Lera Katasonova from the studio Katasonova Design has combined incongruous

By combining area of the living room and a kitchen designer allocated a separate area for the bedrooms. So studio apartment by the size of 55 square meters has turned into a functional two-roomed apartment.

Kitchen area with a small island has been allocated by using copper podium. Working area with lockers and a sink was gently fitted into a recess, a place was "borrowed" from the bedroom.

Practically all of the bedroom space is taken by huge bed, which is located near a rough concrete wall. Gentle headboard and luxurious blanket softens brutality of concrete.

photo: lerakatasonova

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