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Design rules: Ingo Maurer

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Even 50 years after the creation of the work of Ingo Maurer cause fear and admiration. Few industrial designers were able to make such a contribution to the design of lighting installations. Maurer's projects are exhibited in prestigious museums around the world, he creates installations for private collectors and Paris fashion shows and has received more awards and awards than one person can carry.

In my studio, creative chaos reigns. The premises unite both personal offices and public place, and also an exhibition space for our works. I believe that chaos has a beneficial effect on the work, otherwise it would simply be impossible to translate what we are doing.

Команда Инго постоянно экспериментирует в поиске самых удачных решений

I always believed that the future behind the LEDs. The only thing that I do not like about them is misuse, then there is a tangible and visual mess. In my opinion, they look bad in the car.

Дизайн выставочного зала

My first lamp is made of LEDs and phone cards. It is called Belissima Brutta, beautiful horror. I was delighted with every element that I used in my work and did not want to hide my admiration.

Belissimа Brutta (слева) и светильник из тарелок

Проект flying flamesflying flames

Проект ricchi poveri – totoricchi poveri – toto

A person should be able to play with light. We very often perceive light in a rather narrow sense, but it has a soul, interacting with which you can create a comfortable space.

I never use lilac in my work. This is the color of the church and it is the place itself.

Маурер умеет использовать самые разные материалы и предметы

We live in a big world where everything experiences mutual influence. At one time I was very impressed by Achille Castiglioni, he is very energetic. I also like Malevich, Eero Saarinen, Alvar Aalto. Wherever you work, in whatever country you live, something will definitely affect you. But in this case I always strive to remain, first of all, authentic, and only then original.

Светильник ricchi poveri – fly

There is no marketing plan for the creation of our items. Despite the fact that many of my fixtures are considered provocative, in fact it is just an impression that I strive to create. Ideas come to me spontaneously, they grow out of what I would like to show, most often it concerns the topic of the aesthetics of technology.

Шоурум Инго Маурера

In my head, ideas are constantly ripening. They can catch me in the bathroom, in the car, in the kitchen. Then I discuss them with my best friend Ron Arad and the team, which I commission the embodiment of the original idea.

The first and biggest breakthrough for me was the YaYaHo system in 1984. This low-voltage modular halogen system, which suspends the elements in variable positions from adjustable horizontal cables. Its most important plus - the ability to change it, customize it for yourself, use it the way you like it. ■

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