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The "Night and Day" by Macedonian designers

Unassuming interior with elements of eco-design
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  • Type of room Type of room: Apartment
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  • Address Address: Skopje, Macedonia
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The project is based on the idea of cycling: the day flows into the night. And in the life of the layman - day area of living space is required to "is replaced by" on the night zone.

Organization of space built on the separation of the two main zones: the day and night. The living area consists of living room and kitchen-dining room, which separates the book slide. Modular cube shelves provide easy access to books from both sides.

The decoration of the living room is dominated by natural materials: wood and metal. Veneered panels of oak complements the palette of muted colors: mint, lilac and gray-blue.

The design of the kitchen is dominated by white color. This is the most active zone daylight space, so it is most full of light and color. Blotches black on the front, in the design of the walls and countertops enliven the atmosphere.

And to set the mood and comfort of the home environment helps a vertical garden.

For the kitchen adjoins a small terrace, which is a floral oasis: on request you can even dine. Benches set along the perimeter, can accommodate many guests.

The sleeping area consists of a bedroom and children's room. The bedroom is made in a calm palette of gray tones. Furniture minimalism beat the original design storage systems. The cabinet built a niche where to place the head of the bed. Laconic interior diluted with bright accents of red.

Storage in the children helped to create an ergonomic space which can be easily transformed to the needs of small owner. For example, a day bed is the perfect reading corner.

photo: designboom

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