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Personally checked: Verholy Relax Park near Poltava Photo

Personally checked: Verholy Relax Park near Poltava

A stylish place for relaxation in the summer
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We’ve decided to go to the Park-Hotel Verholy, to see if it's really cool and beautiful. Mostly, the result pleased us. Share details.

The hotel complex itself is not far from Poltava, about 20 km.

Practically, the park is located in the pine forest. Most of the territory is well-groomed, there are paved paths, but also the trees grow right on your doorstep!

The whole area of the hotel is fenced; buildings are made in the same style - wood and glass.

There are three types of housing on the territory - two-storey “many rooms” housing (and the same type for restaurant / spa), one-story houses (as a single room) and two-story detached bungalows "for the company" (also as a single room).

Actually, the whole Park-Hotel is cultured forest, and if you like camping, this hotel is a great option!Отдых на природе - ресторан

Отдельные домки в парк-отеле

Офисное здание на входе

Вид на офисное здание “с территории”

Двухэтажный корпус

отдых в лесу

Отель в лесу - вид с номера

Вид со стороны второго жилого корпуса

Экстерьер “гостевых домиков”

Интерьер лобби


Так выглядит вход в номер.


Гостевой домик

Вид на лес

photo: behance, own photos, YOD design

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