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«Rose» apartment in Kiev from DEZEST Photo

«Rose» apartment in Kiev from DEZEST

Bright space in the capital
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Design studio DEZEST submitted its draft "Rose" apartment in Kiev. However you look at what came out of it.

Wishes of the customer, a young girl, interested in fashion and travel, was to create a light atmosphere and make the most of open space.

When creating the project designers, it was decided to divide the small space into four zones: the entrance, the living (zone day stay), seating area and work area.

In the interior were used pastel shades of dusty pink and gray-blue, but served as the basis for the white color of the walls. To give the room a cosiness designers used wood a warm hue and bronze details.

The main design decision was the dismantling of all partitions except the bathrooms. As for the bedroom, it is not separated by solid partitions, and create a feeling of comfort and privacy, thanks to the glass partition.

It is very important to organize the space as much as possible functional and consider the maximum amount of storage space. For this it was created a place in the podium of bed and wall shelves in the living room and the work area are also a decorative element.

Installing a kitchen island was also a must, as it was the desire to increase the effective surface area of ​​the kitchen.

For maximum efficiency, use of space, it was decided to unite the island and dining table. The combined area is further highlighted by perforated metal sheets through which penetrates soft diffused light that creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

Also interesting solution was the use of mirrored square tiles and soft blue-gray hue in the entrance area, which visually expand and brighten the space.

photo: dezest

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