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Terrace: ideas by Ukrainian designers Photo

Terrace: ideas by Ukrainian designers

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It is quite reasonable that people want to spend most of their time on the street during the summer. It’s even better, when the “homey” sun is in a serene cozy atmosphere, away from the people and the noise of the city. Such joy can be given by the home area for relaxation, in other words - a terrace.

FAQinDecor had chosen some interesting and original decoration ideas of the terraces by Ukrainian designers:

Penthouse by 2B.GROUP studio in Kiev

Terrace that occupies an area of 250 square meters is divided into two zones: indoor and outdoor. Indoor terrace is designed for relaxation in the winter or during the bad weather, an outdoor is relevant in the warm seasons.

Terrace by Sempre Arte Studio

Terrace is located on the roof of one of the new buildings of the capital. Terrace conditionally divided into three functional areas: resting area, dining area and a relaxation area.

Project City-online by st.Art Design studio in Kiev

Small terrace serves as a dining area during the warm season. It is equipped with a canopy in case of bad weather or annoying sun.

Project by ID4U studio in Kiev

ID4U Studio has created a stunning corner for a siesta.

Fancy House by SBM STUDIO in Kharkov

Here, several terraces are settled under large wavy rooftop: indoor and outdoor.

Project by Yunakov Architecture & Design Studio near Kiev

Eco-house consists of three terraces. Each of which has its own flowering scenario which is focusing on a specific season of the year (spring, summer, autumn).

The lounge area by SVOYA studio

There is a cozy soft area, which is located around the table, home theater, fireplace, wine cellar and even the laser lights (for night time).

Terrace with the original landscape by Lilies Ermak

The indoor terrace is divided into two functional areas: a dining and resting area.

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