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Tuscany villa near Kiev Photo

Tuscany villa near Kiev

A piece of Italy in Ukraine
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  • Area Area: 1953 sq.m.
  • Address Address: Kiev, Ukraine
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Stylistics of the Italian region Tuscany appears in all forms and features in the Residence BO project. The smooth architectural lines, arched windows, turret, natural stone, which is framed the villa - all speaks about Italy. It’s no wonder, because many finishing materials were selected and imported from Italy.

Exterior of the villa resembles a medieval mansion.

The facade of the villa is illuminated by backlight in the evening, soft light worthy shades stone structure.

The entrance hall is a covered terrace, here corridors is diverged in two ells of the mansion. Also here is a staircase that leads to the second floor in a private area. A front entrance opens door into a spacious living room. A large stone fireplace is the main element of the living room. Relaxation area is located around it.

A large kitchen island made of stainless steel is installed in the middle of the kitchen, it is also can serve as a dining table.

photo: baraban-plus

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