Ukrainian apartments in wood and stone from SVOYA studio Photo

Ukrainian apartments in wood and stone from SVOYA studio

Elegant aesthetics in a sunny home
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SVOYA studio presented a project of an open and bright home, the interior of which allows it to acquire its own unique character. All attention here will be focused on the plastic materials and their graceful combination.

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Good Wood is a spacious private house project. Together with the wooden siding outside, the tree penetrates into the interior. Part of the walls and ceiling are paneled with wooden panels. The decoration of the other part of the walls of the house was a stone. A natural pattern of white marble masonry on the walls and a black stone panel with a fireplace attracts the eye and creates a pleasant and soft decorative effect. As a decor - flowers and graphic images of flowers, and in the living room is a real stone. Due to natural materials in the house there is more free space, which emphasizes the laconic form of furniture, gravitating to simple geometric images. ■

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