Ukrainian minimalism on the coast of the Dnieper Photo

Ukrainian minimalism on the coast of the Dnieper

Interior with no fuss
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There are many good interiors where you can snatch the harmony between human, his home and the outside world. We want to introduce you one of such interiors.

Heat 360 Private home Project is located in a picturesque place on the coast of the Dnieper. To turn abandoned, uninhabitable building into a cozy place, where you can relax - it was the main task for young Ukrainian architectural studio Azovskiy & Pahomova architects.

The name Heat 360 hasn’t been chosen by accident, it describes the concept of maximum space.

This interior is the basic design with the required minimum. It can be easily transformed or supplemented by elements which will impart more warmth. So the cold space, which forms a combination of glass, glossy stone and wood, are soften by cozy details such as textured mats, a fireplace in the living room or a wall with decorative tiles in the bedroom.

На террасе тоже уютно

Главное, это необходимый минимум ярких деталей...

...и максимум естественного освещения

Стена словно написана маслом

Стог сена — почему бы и да?

source: famshomehqroomazovskiypahomova-architects

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