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Inspiring elegance: duplex apartment in Odessa Photo

Inspiring elegance: duplex apartment in Odessa

When taken into account the tastes of each family member
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Designer Catherine Gaponenko developed a project for a family of two-level apartments. She managed to combine the colorful splendor of child restraint and business of parent rooms.

The difference between the nature and needs of the inhabitants of the house often becomes a challenge for designers. Catherine Gaponenko managed to solve this problem through the use of common elements and forms.

According to the girl, she was working in close contact with customers. Their family consists of three people. The pope has been in business, my mother - a makeup artist, and his son - student elementary school. The main requirement of customers was to create a modern, functional interior, which would be to their liking.

Интерьер наполнен элементами ар-деко и хай-тек The interior is filled with art deco and high-tech

Many ideas come from the customer himself. For example, the ceilings are: on the basis of the wishes I have offered several different options, different niches, lights, and so on, but the customer has not settled on any concrete suggestions... He reworked them all and combine from them something of their own

Ekaterina Gaponenko — designer

The main part of the interior is made in shades of gray. This solution helps to relieve emotional stress, as soft shades of gray are not striking and relax. This range is very pleased customers.

Accents in the living room to create the elements of the turquoise colors: curtains, pillows, blanket. Kitchen Studio closes the composition of a combination of white cabinets and turquoise glass gradient apron.

Hallway emphasizes whole style apartments, immediately setting the bar, as if telling the visitor that it is waiting on. Diamond-shaped picture on the wall stretches along the staircase that leads to the second floor, combining the functionality of the space.

Bedroom spouses designer diversified pale purple tones, which added to the atmosphere of passion. There's also housed a mirror in the dressing room.

I first suggested option with warm-gray accents, since the customer made it clear that absolutely can not tolerate lilac, pink and all the colors of derivatives. But in the end I won the wife and we got quite a gentle, white-pink bedroom

Ekaterina Gaponenko — designer

В битве за оформление спальни победила женаIn the battle for the design bedrooms won wife

Children's room suddenly becomes brightness: colors of the British flag, "Ferrari" on the wall, superhero pillows. Here, everything has been done for a growing boy. However, the bold move does not result in stark contrast. Impression smooth general details that connect the interior of a child's room with the others.

Мужик растетA man grows

Sports equipment to motivate the child to the sport

To make the walls of the apartment using a matte painting, three-dimensional panels and wallpapers. The floors in the hallway and kitchen paved with white and black tiles with a light marble texture. In the other rooms the floor is covered with laminate color gray oak.

In the design of bathrooms on the first floor using a collection of tiles Effecta grey Polish producer Opoczno, and on the second floor - Newker Plus tiles from the collection. apartments Spot lights provide lighting SLV factory.

Зеленые полотенца создают акценты Green towels create accents

Throughout the apartment are placed images that reflect one or another aspect of family life. Fashionista in the hallway, abstract streamlined shape in the living room, the car in the nursery, flowers in the bedroom - all this characterizes the owners of the house. Design can not be impersonal, and Catherine Gaponenko perfectly guessed that you need in this case. ■

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