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House with

House with "waves" in Kharkiv

Comfort and elegance of simple forms
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  • SBM studio Photo SBM studio
  • Type of room Type of room: private house
  • Area Area: 460 sq.m.
  • Address Address: Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Sbm is a young Ukrainian studio of architecture and design, which says that each of their projects is a model of the better future life. They fulfilled their ideas in a project of modern country house near Kharkov.

House immediately impresses by its smooth lines. Horizontal and vertical load-carrying constructions, roof (like the result of a broad flourish) are harmoniously integrated the building in the complex terrain. These constructive details allowed architects to cope with main task - to associate the house into the surrounding landscape.

Facade of the house demonstrates the coherence of basalt stone, glass and wooden cover made of ash-tree.

The undulating roof that overhangs the terraces creates a comfortable, weatherproof space.

План дома

Фото: Андрей Авдеенко

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