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Yaroslava Ribina: what you need to know when you choose to be designer of interiors Photo
Plan D

Yaroslava Ribina: what you need to know when you choose to be designer of interiors

The founder of the Ukrainian Ya-Buro design studio shares her thoughts
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We continue the heading "Plan D" with Ukrainian designer, founder of the Ya-Buro design studio; Yaroslava Ribina made up five important points that every beginner should know. If you are planning to be designer of interiors, you ought to learn about it.

You must feel a passion for design, not love, just passion. Only passion will give you energy for the day-and-night generation of ideas. As for me, I have them in night time, it means I lost my sleep till morning. I'm happy because I caught the "mainstream" ideas, and in our field the idea is the mover of creativity.

Be ready to work! Have no illusions about the easiness of the designer’s work. Because it is not only imposingly tea party in the salons of furniture and decoration, or computer drawing of the beautiful visualizations, but piles of complex drafts, samples of ceramic tiles, parquet, chamfers tabletops, needed percentage of gloss on the façade, etc. All matters!

Besides the academic education and natural flair in design, you must have excellent psychological intuition. To experience client’s wishes and way of life (who came for help in design their personal space) “by own skin” is very special skill. Designers need to balance between creative decisions and wishes of client all the time. Otherwise, the beautiful picture will not "come to life".

Be prepared for a very high level of competition among designers. I know many people who started to work with me, and after some time (many do not "hold out" a year in this profession) they withstood. It is an unstable market where it is important to keep abreast of news and tendencies. Often attend specialized and related exhibitions, check yourself for the relevance of your knowledge.

Designers must know the laws and codices. For example, we often do replanning, hung heavy objects to the ceiling, design children's playrooms etc. And all of this has to be legitimate, convenient and secure.

Despite all of the above, I am extremely happy to be an interior designer, it is a thrill, and I can’t imagine my life without it. Learn, feel the art, soak yourself in the creative work, arguing with foremen of the possibility to make the impossible, to see how the idea in my head becomes a reality, fly around the world to see objects and exhibitions, it is 100% mine.

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