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Made in Ukraine: a fresh perspective on pets’ houses Photo

Made in Ukraine: a fresh perspective on pets’ houses

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Most of house models for our four-legged friends are quite difficult to "fit" in a modern interior without breaking stylistic unity, because they are not so stylish. So, we will discuss those resting-places for your pets that will supplement the interior, not ruin it.

1. Animals’ houses by Pelio

The idea of fish-house design belongs to the Korean brand, but it has been modernized and made more functional and stable by studio Pelio in Kiev.

2. D & C HOUSE by Julia Kononenko

Julia Kononenko and OAKLAND offered a stylish option of house for cats and dogs, and they didn’t forget about the practical side and safety, in the manufacture they used natural materials and hypoallergenic surfaces.

3. Cardboard MilkBox by Kotofabrika

“Cats love cardboard. We love cats” - this is the motto of Kotofabrika. Following its motto the company that loves cats has armed with materials and offered stable cardboard home for cats-hipsters.

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