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About PolBox.TV

PolBox.TV gives every customer great opportunities to watch good quality movies in HD. Each customer is provided with the most popular polish radio channels or interactive television programs. PolBox.TV is everything that you will ever need to suit your comfort.
The major priority for polish television is that our clients are comfortable and happy with all the television provisions made available to them. Our aim is to ensure all our customers enjoy all available polish programs on the site. The television company has been brought to the doorstep of everyone; you can now watch your favorite movies everywhere and anywhere
PolBox.TV has the responsibility of providing the customers with the best HD quality movies and TV series.

Unlimited television online

PolBox.TV offers the best online television around the world with a superb standard of quality. With online polish television, watching polish movies online has been made much easier for you as PolBox.TV is a guaranteed source of viewing HD polish movies online. It has been rated as the most efficient and sustainable online television.

PolBox.TV Policy

The polish TV online has policies set in place to protect you from any online scam. PolBox.TV stores the information of all clients using their residential address, surname, name and other information. The data of all customers are restricted to authorized personnel from online tv. Publishing or selling of customers database is not a practice operated by polish TV to any agency or third party.
In other to fulfill sales agreement, commercial tax purposes and service in a highly professional manner is why the internet tv collects customers data.
Each customer can decide against the use of his data or collection of his/her data when the data are used to satisfy another purpose. The polish tv does not record customers payment information and bank data as PolBox.TV system does not have permission to record such information. Making a transfer via a credit card and during the transaction phase, clients are moved to another page of the banking system. As soon as the transaction is completed the client is moved back to the PolBox.TV website pages. This is the reason why the polish tv online has no access to customers data, the customers’ details are kept confidential and not accessible to any third party or agency.
The privacy policy under the polish tv is subject to continual upgrading by the online tv based on changes in functional, legal and regulatory requirements. Once the changes on the privacy policy come into effect an announcement will be made regarding it.
The polish tv online seeks always to provide superb contents for everyone to watch.


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